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Sales Fundamentals

Unlock the art of modern selling where relationships reign supreme, tailored for newcomers and essential for all.

Many sales professionals have had no formal training -causing them to miss out on lost revenue.

Master the fundamentals of selling to drive your success.

Transitioning from traditional sales tactics to a relationship-centred approach can redefine your success in any sales or customer-facing role.


This sales skills training course demystifies the sales process, focusing on why people buy and how to align solutions with customer needs.


It's designed for those new to sales looking to learn modern sales foundations, and also for professionals in roles like customer service or marketing who will benefit from integrating sales skills into their interactions.

It's also perfect for those who have been in sales for some time but have had little or no formal training - as it the case for most sales professionals.


You’ll learn the importance of rapport, the art of prescribing solutions, and the pivotal role customer care plays in sustainable selling through a simple and repeatable process.

The sales basics I cover are suitable for any type of selling - whether you are looking for B2B sales training or B2C.

Topics Covered

If you have any particular requests or requirements, I would be very happy to discuss them.

  • Old vs. New Selling Methods: Explore how relationship selling surpasses traditional sales tactics in today's market.

  • Understanding Buyer Motivation: Delve into the psychology of why people make purchases.

  • Solution-Based Selling: Shift from selling products to prescribing solutions that meet customer needs.

  • The Essence of Customer Care: How nurturing customer relationships enhances sales outcomes.

  • Building Trust and Rapport: Strategies for creating genuine connections with clients.

  • Securing Appointments: Tips for getting your foot in the door and making a memorable impression.

  • Assertive Communication: How to say no in a manner that maintains respect and openness.

  • Adapting to the Customer: Tailoring your sales approach to different customer personalities.

  • Effective Questioning Techniques: Discover what truly motivates your customers to buy.

  • Engaging and Disturbing the Customer: Techniques to gently challenge customer perceptions and create need.

  • Understanding People: Use psychology to understand how to speak to different types of people and how to sell to them.

  • Overcoming Sales Objections: Turning objections into opportunities with proven strategies.

  • Handling Price Objections: Master the "Peeling the Onion" method to navigate price concerns.

  • Dealing with Difficult Customers: Strategies for managing challenging interactions positively.

  • Reading Body Language: Interpreting non-verbal cues to gauge interest and readiness to buy.

  • The Art of Closing: Techniques to seal the deal confidently and effectively.

  • Maintaining Efficient Systems: The importance of organization and record-keeping for sustained success.

  • Keeping Momentum: Ensuring the next steps are always planned and actionable.

  • Generating Referrals: How to cultivate a network that fuels future sales.

Who is it for?

Ideal for individuals new to sales, as well as professionals in customer service, marketing, and other roles looking to incorporate sales techniques into their work.

It's also suitable for more experienced sales professionals who lack formal training or simply want a refresher of the fundamentals of selling.

Ready to learn more?

Embark on your journey to sales excellence and build relationships that last.


Reach out to me to customise your training to start transforming your approach to sales.

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You can also book a free 30 minute no-obligation consultation call with me by clicking here

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