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Project Management

Discover the pillars of successful project delivery with my Project Management course.

Whether you are a project manager or a member of a team, learn how to plan and manage projects in a way that is fast, easy and keeps you on track and under budget.

70% of all projects fail because of a lack of project management training - make sure yours isn't one of them.

Do you often find that projects in your organisation fail to achieve their objective? Maybe they go over budget, over schedule, or just become an unfocused mess.


Effective project management is essential if you want your projects to deliver what you want, without compromising on time, cost or quality.


In my Project Management Fundamentals course, I will equip you with the skills to deliver perfect projects every time.


My course is anchored in the practicalities of the workplace, featuring my unique 14-step formula for impeccable project delivery.


You'll explore every phase of the project lifecycle, mastering how to keep your scope focused, your schedule tight, and your budget on track.

Topics Covered

Below is the layout for a typical one-day Project Management Fundamentals training course.

If you have any particular requests or requirements, I would be very happy to discuss them.

  • What is a project? What is project management and why is it important?

  • Comparison of different project management methodologies.

  • Skills needed for successful project management.

  • The project life cycle and the Iron Triangle.

  • My 14-step formula for perfect projects.

  • The Initiation Phase: how to ensure your project succeeds before it even starts.

  • The Planning Phase: plan the tasks, find the critical path, and plan for potential risks.

  • Key project management tools, including work breakdown structures, critical path diagrams and Gantt charts.

  • Managing Your Project: how to keep you project on time and on budget, and how to keep your stakeholders happy.

  • Closing Your Project: how to ensure your project has delivered what it set out to do and how to improve for your next project.

Who is it for?

Anyone involved in projects - whether managing them or as part of a project team.

The course is often adapted as project management for non-project managers to help improve project management skills and awareness throughout the business.

Equally, it can be perfect for organisations who want project management training without going down the route of formal certifications or tying themselves to one particular methodology. My methods can be adapted for projects of any size or complexity.

Ready to learn more?

Are you ready to elevate your project management skills with a bespoke training experience?


Get in touch with me today to discuss your needs so we can get your projects back on track.

Just follow the link below to get the conversation started

You can also book a free 30 minute no-obligation consultation call with me by clicking here

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