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Leadership and Management

Build your leadership and management skills with my training course that delves into the core topics and skills needed to uplift and unify your team.

To help build self-awareness and increase the impact of the training, I am also a Certified Professional Behaviour Analyst for delivering DISC reports - see below for further details.

Dive into an immersive leadership training course designed to refine your management approach and inspire inclusive leadership at all levels.

Learn how to build and motivate your team, drive high performance and delegate effectively. Handle those difficult conversations with greater ease and build awareness of your team's wellbeing and mental health.


My training sessions are tailored to nurture your unique strengths and address the challenges of modern management, from building foundational leadership qualities to mastering performance management training.


Whether you seek a single-day session or an extensive programme, I adapt to fit your schedule and objectives, ensuring every topic, from self-awareness to change management, is covered with the depth you need.

For first-time managers, I have a specific programme: New Managers Training

Topics Covered

Leadership and Management training can be delivered as a single day course, or as a more extensive programme delivered over several months - or anything in between!

Below are a selection of areas which can be included - contact me to discuss your needs further.

  • Building Self-Awareness as a Manager: Uncover your management style and learn how it shapes your interactions and leadership approach.

  • Leadership Styles: Explore various leadership frameworks and identify the style that resonates with your personality and goals.

  • Motivating Your Team: Master the art of motivation to foster a high-performing and driven team.

  • Building an Engaged Team: Create an environment where engagement and passion for work are the norm, not the exception.

  • Delegation: Learn the strategic art of delegation to enhance team capability and personal efficiency.

  • Communication and Feedback: Cultivate a culture of clear communication and constructive feedback to propel team growth.

  • Performance Management: Implement effective performance management strategies to align team efforts with business outcomes.

  • Driving High Performance: Develop tactics to inspire and sustain high performance within your teams.

  • Coaching and Training Your Team: Embrace the dual roles of coach and trainer to uplift your team’s skills and confidence.

  • Unconscious Bias in Management: Recognise and mitigate unconscious biases to promote fairness and diversity.

  • Decision Making and Problem Solving Skills: Hone your ability to make sound decisions and solve problems efficiently.

  • Interviewing and Recruitment: Perfect your interview techniques to attract and select candidates who will thrive in your team.

  • Conflict Resolution and Difficult Situations: Navigate conflicts and challenges with poise and resolution.

  • Time Management and Prioritisation: Prioritise tasks effectively to manage your time and responsibilities as a leader.

  • Innovation and Creativity in Management: Foster a culture where innovation and creativity are encouraged and rewarded.

  • Team Wellbeing and Mental Health Awareness: Promote wellbeing and mental health awareness within your team.

  • Managing Change: Equip yourself with the tools to lead through change with confidence and clarity.

  • Project Management Fundamentals: Integrate project management basics into your leadership toolkit for broader influence and control.

Unlock team potential with DISC

Gain deeper insights into your management style with DISC reports. These are available an an optional bolt-on to my management and leadership training.


DISC, a behaviour assessment tool, analyses patterns of communication, leadership, and teamwork preferences, represented by four colour profiles: Dominance (Red), Influence (Yellow), Steadiness (Green), and Compliance (Blue). It is built from the work of psychologists William Moulton Marston and Carl Jung.

disc personality types Dominance
disc personality profile Influence
disc assessment types Steadiness
disc personality assessment Compliance


  • Faster-paced

  • Task-oriented

  • -Direct communicator

  • Impatient when overextended

  • “Stick to the facts”



  • Faster-paced,

  • People-oriented

  • Indirect communicator

  • Disorganized when overextended

  • “Talks with their hands”


  • Slower-paced

  • People-oriented

  • Indirect communicator

  • Possessive when overextended

  • “Poker face”


  • Slower-paced

  • Task-oriented

  • Direct communicator

  • Critical when overextended

  • “Very detail-oriented”

This tool empowers you to understand your intrinsic motivators and stressors, enabling you to adapt your approach for more effective interactions.

DISC reports are created through an online questionnaire which takes on 10-15 minute to complete. How strongly your personality fits into each of the four colours is taken into account to create your personalised report.


By integrating DISC into your training, you’ll not only uncover your behavioural style but also learn to recognise and appreciate the different styles within your team.

DISC Report Features:

- Behavioural Characteristics

- Value to the Organization

- Communication Tips

- Ideal Work Environment

- Perceptions

- Descriptors

- Natural & Adapted Style

- Keys to Motivating

- Keys to Managing

- Areas for Improvement

- Action Plan

- Behavioural Hierarchy

- Style Insights® Graphs

- Behavioural Continuum

- Success Insights® Wheel


This knowledge is crucial when it comes to improving communication, managing people, and fostering a harmonious and productive workplace.​

You can keep your DISC report to yourself, but I find it works best if you share it with your manager after the training so you can use it as part of your personal development. As a Certified Professional Behaviour Analyst for DISC I can run individual debrief sessions if desired.


During the course, we’ll dive into how you can apply DISC insights daily to enhance your leadership impact and team dynamics. 


It's not just about self-awareness—it’s about creating a roadmap for continuous personal and professional development.

Who is it for?

This training is ideal for managers and leaders of all levels of seniority and experience. We can run it as a one-day management refresher, or as a more comprehensive programme.

If you have a group who are stepping into management for the first time, I recommend my New Managers Training Programme

Ready to learn more?

Connect with me for a tailored leadership and management training experience.

Just follow the link below to get the conversation started

You can also book a free 30 minute no-obligation consultation call with me by clicking here

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