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customer service training course

Customer Service

Elevate your customer service from routine interactions to memorable experiences that create customer loyalty.

High-performing companies recognise that customer service is a key driver of business results - fostering repeat business and a powerful reputation.

Customer service skills training can help your business turn every customer into a delighted customer.

Outstanding customer service is the cornerstone of business success.


In my customer service training course, you'll explore the profound impact of exceptional service and how it goes beyond satisfaction to customer delight.


Learn my 10 Fundamental principles that are crucial for every customer interaction.


Develop the art of building rapport to foster loyalty and ensure repeat business.


I’ll guide you through the nuances of face-to-face communication, as well as mastering remote interactions via phone, email, and live chat.


Plus, discover effective strategies for navigating the challenges of difficult customer scenarios and turning them into opportunities for problem-solving and relationship-building.

Topics Covered

Below is the layout for a typical one-day Project Management Fundamentals training course.

If you have any particular requests or requirements, I would be very happy to discuss them.

  • The Importance of Customer Service: Delving into why excellent customer service is essential for long-term success.

  • From Service to Delight: Transitioning from standard service to creating delightful experiences for every customer.

  • My 10 Customer Service Fundamentals: The must-do actions to ensure consistent, high-quality customer interactions.

  • Rapport and Repeat Business: Techniques for connecting with customers that build lasting relationships and encourage loyalty.

  • Communication Mastery: Sharpening your listening and response skills to engage effectively with customers.

  • Face-to-Face Service Skills: Perfecting in-person customer interactions to leave lasting positive impressions.

  • Remote Customer Service Excellence: Adapting your service excellence to telephone, email, and live chat environments.

  • Handling Difficult Customers: Strategies for managing challenging situations with grace and professionalism.

  • Problem-Solving Prowess: Developing the skillset to solve customer issues effectively and turn them into positive outcomes.

Who is it for?

Perfect for customer service professionals and teams looking to raise the bar in their customer interactions, as well as businesses aiming to improve their overall service delivery.

Ready to learn more?

Ready to redefine your approach to customer service?


Get in touch with me to begin the journey towards customer service excellence.

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