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assertiveness skills

Communication and Assertiveness Skills

Master the art of effective communication to build better relationships, influence outcomes, and achieve professional success.

Discover the art of being more assertive at work while maintaining friendly and positive relationships with both colleagues and customers.

Effective communication goes beyond just speaking and listening.


It’s about understanding the complexities of human behaviour, adapting your style to meet various needs, and influencing outcomes positively.

Communication skills and soft skills are essential in many areas of business such as management, sales, customer service, negotiation and your normal daily interactions.


Using my CPBA accreditation in the DISC model of human behaviour, we will explore how different people behave and how you can adapt your communication to suit the situation.


Learn the significance of active listening, empathy, and constructive interaction to navigate conversations with ease.


Discover strategies for dealing with challenging personalities, fostering positive relations, and ensuring your message isn’t just heard, but truly understood.

Topics Covered

If you have any particular requests or requirements, I would be very happy to discuss them.

  • Understanding Human Interaction: Dive into the dynamics of how people think and interact with each other.

  • The DISC Model: Utilise the DISC framework to understand and adapt your communication style for more effective interactions. DISC reports for attendees are available as an add-on.

  • Mastering Listening: The critical role of active listening, empathy, and exploring options in effective communication.

  • Building assertiveness skills: Learn the art of assertive communication skills in the workplace while being polite and friendly using my magic formula.

  • Dealing with Difficult People: Insights into why challenging personalities act the way they do and how to effectively engage with them.

  • The Art of Being Likable: Uncover the secrets to being relatable and building positive rapport with others.

  • Making Others Feel Valued: Strategies for ensuring people feel important and valued in your interactions.

  • Criticism and Its Impact: Exploring the effects of criticism and finding constructive alternatives.

  • Receiving Criticism Gracefully: Learn how to accept feedback positively and use it for personal growth.

  • Effective Expression: Techniques for staying calm, clearly stating your desires, and ensuring your voice is heard.

  • The Role of Body Language: Understanding non-verbal cues and their impact on communication.

  • Negotiation Skills: Employing negotiation as a tool for influence and achieving desired outcomes.

  • Securing Commitment: Strategies for gaining commitment and fostering collaborative relationships.

Who is it for?

Ideal for professionals across all levels who wish to enhance their communication skills, improve interpersonal relationships, and increase their influence in the workplace and beyond.

Ready to learn more?

Transform your communication skills and open the door to endless possibilities.


Contact me to begin your journey to becoming a master communicator.

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